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Copying Groovy Script from Github for Qupath

This page will walk you through a simple way to get code from Github to Qupath for use in downloading tiles exporting-tiles-from-qupath

Navigate to Github DIY geropathology repositiory

Github DIY-Geropathology repository

click on KidneyTileDownload.groovy



Load Base Tile Export Script

You can get the script by downloading it from here or by following along in the steps, If you download the script don;t forget to adjust to match your project

Copy Script by clicking on the Copy icon

Return to Qupath

Make sure you are in Script Editor

Choose Edit and Paste

The Script Should now be in Qupath

Edit the Script as needed 

Adjust Labels to match yours 

Adjust tileSize and Overlap to match classifier you want to use

Kidney: tileSize =512 overlap =0