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Omero to QuPath

This page will walk you through creating a Qupath project from files that are on an Omero server.  If you have not installed these programs you can get directions to do that here Required Software there are also links to the manuals and tutorials that both groups provide.  

Open QuPath

Open QuPath


Start Qupath Project

by clicking on the create project button



Create a new Qupath Folder 

Step 1: Navigate to desired location

Step 2: Select New Folder

Step 3: Enter name of Project

Step 4: Click Create

Step 5: Click Open

On Top Menu

Select:  Extensions-> Omero-> Browser Server -> New Server

Enter URL from OMERO

This will be specific to your OMERO Server

Login If your OMERO requires it on top menu Select:

Extensions-> OMERO-> Manage Server Connections 

Click Login 

Provide Credentials

Select Relevant Scans for Import

Multiple Images can be Selected using the Command Key

Select Import Selected Qupath

Click Import